Yo! Welcome to our July edition. Summer is here, were you ready for it? I’m guessing if you’re reading this that no, you weren’t, lol.  It’s funny how fast the heat wave can come on and then we’re left wondering what the heck we were doing for the past 10 months. Seriously, why weren’t we preparing for the beach? We knew it was coming.

“THIS IS THE SUMMER I WILL BE FIT”. Man, I have used and said that one for about 12 years and guess what, it’s NEVER MY SUMMER. I never lose weight and get my beach body on time and I wonder why? Well this year was different for me because I knew that before my big champagne birthday hit I wanted to lose weight. Skinny fiber reviews 2015 helped me make that change. I  started taking the fiber diet pills about 4 months ago and was consistent. I didn’t even workout that much. I just took the pills and drank a ton of water and the pounds started to drop crazily enough.

It’s not easy, i’ll admit. I did eat a lot of junk when I probably shouldn’t have but I don’t believe you can be perfect 100% of the time. You end up missing out on a lot of things if you don’t enjoy life with your friends and family. I don’t want to be saying “no” my whole life, but i also know that I can’t always give in.

Diet and weight loss is all about balance and taking care to ensure you’re not bad ALL the time. Though it is tempting to devour an entire cake if you give yourself the option – so don’t. Quite simple.


In addition to taking skinny fiber pills, I’ve been super hard about my exercise and that’s why I am super buff right now and have huge muscles. Well, maybe I’m over reacting but seriously, my biceps are so strong and so are my thigh muscles. My girlfriend sure isn’t complaining, lol! She has joined me for my exercise routine because we have our engagement photo shoot coming up and we both wanna look amazing for it.  Bottom line, put in the effort and the reward will be worth the effort. No one has ever lost weight and then said “wah it wasn’t worth it”. It’s always worth it. But after you lose weight, you need to remember the important thing of maintaining that weight loss.  Otherwise you could gain it all back and regret it bitterly. This health and fitness network has many resources to help you lose weight and get in the best shape you’ve ever been in.  You won’t regret visiting the site and learning a ton of weight loss tips and tricks.

The best things in life take effort and hard work, remember that as you follow your dreams and go for what you’ve always wanted, a healthy and fit body. You CAN do it if you work hard and prove to yourself that you want it badly.