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Dancing for Weight Loss with Country Music!

I know it sounds crazy coming from a bodybuilding and kickboxing blog, but plenty of us guys have a thing for Country Music. What’s not to love?  Girls in cowboy boots, daisy dukes and swinging hips while drinking some nice cold American beer!  But too much of that beer will pack on the pounds and I’m sure feeling it 6 weeks into summer.  I’ve always had success with weight lifting, but cardio has been something that has never really spoken to me much. I hate going for runs or doing any traditional cardio because it’s just plain boring.

But my girlfriend saw that there was a dance program from Beachbody being released called Country Heat.  This program is created by Autumn Calabrese who also created the 21 day fix and helps you lose weight by teaching you dance moves to go along with the rhythm and beat of good old fashioned country music.  She features a track list full of old favorite tunes and even new ones that are used purposefully for this program.  If you like dancing or just enjoy the Southern country lifestyle in general, this won’t even feel like exercise to you.

The Country Heat program consists of 6 different workouts that you will do each day and have a rest day on the day of your choosing.  You will sometimes do two workouts in a day when doing a strength training style workout known as Dance Conditioning.  But if you are a big kick boxer or really into weight lifting, I recommend you just do the Country Heat workouts on occasion and enjoy yourself and get that cardio burn in.  The weight lifting won’t be worth the effort and you don’t want to decrease your muscle mass.

This program also has a nutrition plan that teaches you all about portion control with an emphasis on eating plenty of vegetables and protein.  If you’re a woman, it’s a great and easy way to lose weight and learn about calories in and calories out for weight loss. But if you’re a dude who is focused on weight gaining, you can still follow this plan but will need to choose a larger calorie bracket for best results.  If you are doing your “cutting” phase and trying to lean out, it’s actually the perfect diet.

Overall, I recommend Country heat for guys and gals who love dancing to southern music and enjoy line dancing and any kind of low impact moves. This has also been great for my Aunt who has bad joints and knees but has experienced no problem after doing these workouts.  Good luck y’all!


Recovering with Physio after a Boxing Injury


boxing-injury-physiotherapistBoxing is an incredible sport and activity to get you in the best shape of your life! You move constantly while exercising you arms through various punching, thrusting and blocking moves. You also work your back and shoulders with these movements and work your abdominal muscles while clenching your stomach throughout these exercises.  Additionally,  you work your legs and butt when you kick and swivel from side to side.

There are a plethora of upsides to exercising through boxing but the routines and exercises can be very vigorous and strenuous on your muscles. Additionally, you may become prone to muscle injury if you get injured in a fight. Or, you might strain your muscles if you do not do the appropriate stretches and yoga exercises to prepare prior to the fight or the training session.  Boxing is only a sport for those who are well-trained and prepared and you should never fight against someone who is in a higher level than you are in. However, in the event you do suffer from an injury, you should seek therapy from a physiotherapist. They are certified and trained to be able to help you go through a variety of strength building exercises and routines to help you get past an injury.  If the problem is recent, you should immediately call for a physiotherapist who can instantly assess your situation and begin developing a series of exercises you can start to do to help you get past any injury you may have.  Physiotherapists are trained not only help you with current injuries but ensure that you are not at risk for potential re-injury. It’s commonly known in the therapy world that those who suffer an injury are at risk to develop another injury in the same place the next time they perform the same sport or activity that they initially did to injure themselves. Therefore, it is essential to take extra precaution to avoid this from happening again and to make sure your muscles are strong and flexible.

Available Treatments Available for Injury Prevention:

Trained professionals will first assess your injury and then prepare a specialized plan for you to help you through the process of rehabilitation. First, the therapist will help you by slowly building up your strength on the injured muscle at the same time ensuring that it heals correctly.  The patient may need a more serious form of treatment such as a soft tissue treatment to help rebuild muscle or even a technique using acupuncture to help reduce muscle inflammation and pain and promote healing.

Whatever technique is best for you will be used by the highly trained professional and it is imperative to seek advice or a consultation immediately after suffering such an injury.

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